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26 icons

I have 26 icons for you.

[x]COS and POA
[x]Driving Lessons
[x]Dan/Emma on TRL

-No hotlinking, stealing, editing.
-Credit twistedgraphics
-Enjoy :)

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26

-All POA and COS movie icons were contrived from the bases made by aprilmayjune07
-And, just in case you guys wanted to know, THIS website is genious.
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Suspended comment

The picture I used for number 22 made me so happy because he was singing and holding a book. He's adorable. Thanks :)
Beautiful! I love love love the coloring for 10 and 24 especially! Have you written any tutorials? I'd appreciate it greatly if you could link me to any you've written.. if you have done any. Sorry if that didn't make any sense. Amazing batch, anyhow. :)
Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven't written any tutorials myself, as I am just trying to learn the basics of icon-ing.
I have the links for the two icons you mentioned. I used this tutorial for number 24. And, this one for number 10.
I'm really flattered that you'd say that though, I was hoping that they'd turn out good :).


12 years ago


12 years ago

two rupert and one dan/emma.
i took #14, great work :D
thank youuu. hehe.
snagging 12, will credit :)

Thhank you!
You are very welcome. Thanks to you too :P
cool! took some
:) thanks!
ohhhhh pretty..taking a few..thankies!
anytime! :P Glad you liked them.
Driving Lessons! <3
Score! ^_^
SQUEEEE RUPERT!!! HAHAHA! I took quite a few of those! And YaY those are my bases!!! HaHa! I took some of them as well!! Thanks! :)

♥ x 9897264530
Your bases are genious, m'dear. Glad you liked them!
Very good icons, I like the colours very much!
Thanks! Ahh, the joys of new tutorials..XD
oo such loverly colours, im quite jealous (i can never seem to make those tutorials work right for me)
Aw, don't say that! I'm sure you'll get it eventually.
Emma Watson is the cutest little thing in #24 <3
Took 5, 24 and of course 25.
Oh man, I know! She was such an adorable kid.


12 years ago

Your H/Hr icon made me laugh. I love it.
Haha, I know. It's the highlight of my LJ. :P
Love the Rupert icons! Snagging 18, will credit! Thanks! :)
Thanks. Rupert looked too cute in those Driving Lessons promos!
Saved #6...good job..I like your style. ^_^
Thank you very much!


12 years ago

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